Choosing the Best Slot Games for You – Guide for the Finnish Spin Lovers

Finnish players are known as one of the most enthusiastic slots players in the world. It’s no wonder why you will find slots machines featured heavily in almost every Finnish online casino. From classic fruit slots to video slots and 3D slots to progressive jackpot slots, there is no shortage of slot machine choices for Finnish players looking for slot games online.

With plenty of choices at your fingertips, though, how do you find the best slot games for you? Fortunately for spin lovers out there, we’rehere to help. Below we have listed some useful tips about how you can choose the best slot game for you:

  • Find the slot machines with the highest return to player or RTP rate.

If you are playing slots for real money, you’ll want to look for the slot machine with the highest Return to Player or RTP. So, what is RTP? The RTP represents the percentage of the total amount of wagered money which a slot machine pays back to its players over a specific period of time. Generally, a good slot machine has a 94% RTP rate or higher. To find a slot machine’s RTP, you can check out slot reviews, or google it, and in some cases, the RTP of a certain slot machine may be specified by the online casino.

  • Understand slots volatility.

Also known as variance, slot volatility refers to how risky a particular slot machine is. Slots with low volatility are considered low risk, giving you small but frequent rewards, whereas those with high volatility are the high risks, and payouts are rarer but yields to bigger wins.

  • It pays to check out player reviews and ratings first.

One way to find out if a slot game is bad is by reading player reviews and ratings. You can also tell if a certain slot machine is good if it has a huge following.

  • Choose the slot machines that interest you or those that you find fun and exciting to play.

Keeping aside winnings and your budget, one basic advice on how you can choose a slot game to play with is to simply select the one that you find enjoyable and exciting. While playing slots for real money can be lucrative, don’t forget to include fun and enjoyment on your top list. And, the good news is, with a wide array of slot games available now, there surely is something for everyone!

  • Pick slot games with excellent mobile compatibility.

Today, most slot games are designed with mobile users in mind. So, thanks to this development, playing slots using smartphones and tablets is now easier and more convenient than ever. This allows spin lovers to enjoy the slot games they like wherever they are and whenever they want to.

  • Try the slots with the best bonus features.

Bonus features do not only make a certain slot game more fun and exciting to play, but they are also an excellent way to boost your potential winnings. You will find that most modern video slots offered in most Finnish online casinos these days include at least one bonus feature of some kind. This means it’s now much easier to find slot games which boast your favorite bonus features, which may range from free spins, special wild symbols, mini-games, and level up features. 


Ultimately, choosing the ‘best slot game’ is a personal decision. As we often hear, one man’s trash is another one’s treasure.

However, by following the pointers we have mentioned above, you should be able to find the best slot game for you to help you make the most of your online slot game experience.