Online Roulette And How It Works

You’re wondering how fair online casino roulette is, given that instead of a physical ball you are given a digital representation of a roulette wheel spinning. Most new online players have this valid concern, after all, how could they be sure that the online casino isn’t just deciding if they would win or not each round.

Check If It’s a Legitimate Online Casino

The first thing you need to do in order to protect yourself from being cheated is by making sure the online casino you are playing in is legit. The best way to do this is by going to the more well-known sites with positive reviews and the proper documentation. The about page should give you the information, if not ask their customer service chat support where you could find these certifications. Remember to Google these “Certifications” though as one could easily make one up with Photoshop.

How Online Roulette Works

You might be surprised to know that, if your casino is legit, these games are all fair. Yes, people lose a lot of money in online casinos, but that’s just how it is. The majority of people don’t know how to properly gamble, and naturally, the house always wins. This is how they get their game results:

Random Number Generator

When it comes to online casinos, the cheapest and popular way to give the players a casino experience is through random number generators. This program with complex algorithms is an artificial way to simulate randomness; choosing a random number based on the mechanics of the game it is simulating. The result is unknown even by the casino owner, and unless if you have a quantum computer and a lot of time, you probably could never crack this program.

Real Dealers

Yes, even online casinos have real dealers, but they are a bit pricier to play at due to the overhead of hiring real people to deal. You are essentially on a video call with the dealer, using the user interface of the game to play the game. This makes the game slower compared to the Random Number Generator variety though.

Roulette Tips

There are ways to make your experience more pleasant, tipping the odds into your favor, in a way.

Choosing the More Favorable Roulette Version

European Roulette gives players better odds compared to the American version. The addition of the “00” in the latter adds slot that might seem insignificant, but actually greatly lowers your chances of winning, even in outside bets.

Always Hedge

Inside bets give you a better payout at high risk, it would be best to bet with a combination of different inside and outside bets in order to hedge your main Straight Up bet. Try to calculate each win and acceptable losses, making sure you lose small and win big rather than the opposite.

Manage Risk

When it comes to gambling nothing is for certain, so remember to keep a portion of your winnings not to be used. I recommend putting away 20% of every winning and only put in money you can afford to lose in the first place.

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